We offer out-of-warranty computer service. A team of trained and constantly evolving specialists take care of your computer equipment after the warranty period expires, working with all components.

You can count on our professionalism for the following range of services:

  • Repair of computers and laptops;
  • Diagnostics and elimination of hardware and software problems;
  • Installation, uninstallation and reinstallation of programs and operating systems;
  • Cooling prevention (cleaning and replacement of thermal pastes, pads, and lubrication / replacement of fans);
  • Out-of-warranty service of monitors, printers, and components; spare parts in stock;
  • Diagnosis of chips, capacitors, and others;
  • Diagnosis of RAM, video cards, hard disks, and others;
  • Repair, replacement, and upgrade of components (RAM, video card, hard drive, etc.).

Through offering out-of-warranty service, our aim is to optimize the life cycle of your equipment and thus create long-term and loyal partnerships. Long-term customer satisfaction is the biggest asset we have!

If you are interested in our services, we kindly ask you to contact us.