Our on-site visit is a fast and professional service that provides you with a visit from one of our specialists at an address specified by you. We guarantee professional implementation of software and hardware diagnostics as well as the resolution of  IT problems you have experienced in the course of your business.

We have carefully built our company values and ambitions to provide professional, fast, and trouble-free maintenance of your computer equipment. We apply best practices in our attempt to provide the maximum possible results to help the smooth operation of your work process.


We provide complete and comprehensive on-site service, incl. the following non-exhaustive list of activities:

  • Assembly, disassembly, renewal, and installation of physical components (hardware) and peripherals
  • Setting up operating systems (without reinstallation) and precise updates
  • Installation and reinstallation of software products
  • Installation and setup of all components for National Revenue Agency applications, for the Commercial Register, and others
  • Installation of bank certificates, electronic signatures, and other digital certificates
  • Removal of viruses and unwanted programs. Removal of temporary and unnecessary files and registers
  • Installation and configuration of peripheral settings: printers, scanners, multimedia, cameras, and others
  • Network services, including investigation, setup, and troubleshooting of various network connectivity issues
  • Archiving services, generating system archives (images), data transfer, etc.

In case you are interested in the services we offer we kindly ask you to contact us.