A well-functioning computer network and the servers that serve it are crucial for the functioning of any office. We are available to provide comprehensive maintenance of the condition and security of your network. At your disposal is a team of certified professionals, constantly evolving network administrators, and technicians.

We offer a full range of network services:

  • building/setting up of networks (wired, wireless, local, and virtual)
  • inspection of an existing network (analysis of its condition and efficiency of operation, and implementation of good practices)
  • professional consultation by a highly qualified team of specialists regarding the selection of network equipment
  • sale of network equipment – routers (routers), switches (switches), wired and wireless network adapters, antennas, and other passive, active, and intelligent network devices
  • arranging, rearranging, and numbering of network infrastructure
  • laying UTP / FTP cables
  • installation of cable ducts and console boxes
  • construction of video surveillance
  • setting up routers, cable modems, or other active network devices
  • firewall setup
  • instructions for use and setup of network devices, etc.

Ensure your peace of mind and trust our team of specialists whose service will ensure that the network and servers at your office will perform optimally!